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Brightly lit, spacious and with a slightly clinical feel to it, The French bakery is home to a lot of authentic continental patisserie and bakery products. Heaps of glistening cellophane bags of candies and sugared almonds tied up with coloured ribbons, and ornate displays of exclusive chocolates form an integral part of the décor.The line of gleaming glass fronted display fridges and freezers is filled with ice cream, gateaux, pastries and savouries. We sat on long legged chairs up to a high table. The small internet corner was shrouded in smoke when we were there and the comfortable banquette seating had been commandeered by a boisterous gaggle of mothers and toddlers. The selection of teas and coffees is unremarkable, but the quality is good, and the tea comes in a pot. Deciding what to eat was difficult but eventually we chose a savoury cheese pastry, a chocolate cream slice and a few small biscuits. No gloves or tongs in sight, the waitress handled everything with her bare hands, but once we had got over that, we liked what we ate. The cheese pastry, served warm, was crisp and buttery. The chocolate cream slice was a rich combination of chocolate ganache between delicate layers of crunchy pastry. Our biscuits were all fresh tasting and crisp ? the best we have had anywhere. French Bakery has been producing a variety of oven baked goods since 1997. The bakery is known for its selection of cakes and pastries and also provides breakfast, lunch and light dinners, as well as a catering service.

Address: Dubai Health Care - Al Razzi Bldng.59, Dubai, Dubai,

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Telephones: 04-4341716

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